Newstrack Post 13


The article Olympic Bodies, Can You Guess Their Sport, is unique and fun. It was produced by Taige Jensen, Matt Ruby, Bedel Saget, Rumsey Taylor, Lucas Waldron and Joe Ward, with video by Alan Del Rio Ortiz and Leslie Davis, and lighting by Philip Montgomery.

The article is structured as a game. The viewer is shown an Olympic athlete in their skivvies as well as information on that athlete’s weight, height and age. Based on the information given, the viewer is challenged to guess the Olympic athlete’s sport.

I like that this article is super interactive. When the viewer clicks on a sport, the article shows the viewer the correct answer and information about the body types associated with that sport. Also, once the answer is revealed, the athlete moves from his fixed position and acts out their sport, which I thought was a nice touch.

This article has a lot of great multimedia elements, which allows it to function well as a game. For example it has a button to start the game over, and also a replay button for each video of the athlete performing their sport. I think that this article could’ve benefited from having a little globe for each athlete, pinpointing what country each athlete represents.

Red Sox Rained out Game

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On Thursday, April 6th the Red Sox versus Pirates game was canceled due to rainy weather. The once crowded streets of Fenway Park emptied quickly as fans scurried to  nearby bars and restaurants like Bleacher bar and Landsdowne bar.

The hostess at Bleacher bar, Lisa Mitchell said “rain or shine, on game day business is good here. It doesn’t matter if the game is cancelled, plenty of customers will come in anyway because they are in the area. I think we get so many customers on game day because of our proximity to the stadium. We are so close that I can hear everything from the front door, sometimes when I take a smoke break, I listen and it feels like I’m actually there, standing in the stadium.”

Buses were parked on the side of the road, filled with students whose spirits could not be broken by the game’s cancelation. Taylor Davis, an eighth grade student, from Clarance R. Edwards middle school said she was “just happy to be out of school.”

Baseball fans, however, were not pleased about the cancellation. A red sox fan, Tim Roberts said, “I took off from work and came from California to see this game. Now I’m just gonna try to stay dry and probably grab a drink from Bar Louie.”