Marathon Monday

Runners from around the world gather in Boston for the Marathon every year. Crowds stretch from Hopkinton to BackBay to cheer on the runners in their 26 mile endeavor. The Boston Marathon is an event that brings people together and has coined the phrase Boston Strong.

For Boston college students however, Marathon Monday is hardly about watching the runners. College students wake up at 6am, long before the race has begun to pregame for the day’s festivities. Beer for breakfast is not uncommon.

By 10am, locations like Allston and Beacon Street are booming with darties (day parties). College students parade from one house to the other, searching for a party with rowdiest crowd and the best drinks.

Marathon Monday is like the Mardi Gras of Boston for college students. Nothing is out of the ordinary. The lawns of Allston residents are decorated with crushed beer cans & everywhere you turn someone can be seen doing a Keg stand. Students will do whatever it takes to make their house party the most lit. Whether that means hiring a DJ or getting a giant bouncy house, nothing is out of the question.

The spirit of freedom is so apparent on Marathon Monday. College kids can be seen dancing on picnic tables and blowing bubbles from their apartment windows. The fun only lasts until the cops come and break up the party scene, then its on to the next party.


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