Quotes: Final Multimedia Project


For my final multimedia project, I will be profiling two Boston University students. Below are quotations from my interviews with James Hollis & Xue Zhang.

“My brother was at a party at Harvard, but he had some problems getting in even though he was invited. This made us think, what if there was a way to secure your attendance to a party? That’s where the idea for the Movez app came from.“ – James

“We started market research, we looked at different platforms like Eventbright. Party apps like these attempt to do the same thing’s as the Movez app, but fail to socially engineer the experience. This is what millenials are trying accomplish in party apps now.” – James

“On my first project for National Geographic, I had to get a waiver of approval from the government to go diving in a lake in the southern part of china and take photographs underwater.” – Xue

“There are so many limits behind the camera. When you are taking a photo you are forced to think about what you really want to convey in the 135mm frame. You have to kick out all unnecessary information and focus on what is crucial for the viewer to see.” – Xue


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