Newstrack Post 11


This NYTimes article, Desperate Crossing, written by Scott Anderson and photographed by Paulo Pellegrin, uses an abundance of multimedia elements to capture the severity of migrant’s journey down the Libya-Italy sea crossing. I like that this article has a clear beginning and end, & contains photography which illustrates the duration of the journey.

In an effort to escape poverty, migrants from the sub-Saharan Africa, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan pay an average of $1,500 to squeeze onto the crowded boats of smugglers on a journey to Italy or Greece for employment and safety.

So far this year, a quarter of a million migrants have made this dangerous journey in the Mediterranean area. The conditions of this journey are not ideal to say the least. Passengers have minimal space and resources are scarce. I like that this article uses a map to demonstrate the shocking amount of casualties that have resulted from this voyage.

This article shows intense photography of the harsh conditions passengers endure on the journey to employment and safety. Pellegrin captured key moments such as when all the passengers on the boat realized they were lost and when the boat was eventually rescued. I like that this article is easy to maneuver. As the viewer scrolls through the article, the story slides from photograph then to descriptive text and video footage which works compatibly to bring the article to life.



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