Newstrack Post 10


52 Places to Go in 2017

This article has some really amazing multimedia elements. Firstly, it includes profound and beautiful photography from around the world. Also, this article includes videos, which are interactive, allowing the viewer to navigate & explore the land, getting the sensation that they are really there.

I like that this article includes a little map for each location. I am not the best at geography so this feature helps to put the photo into perspective for me. The article also includes links to other articles talking about the cities most prominent attractions.

This article is suited well for sharing on social media. It gives the viewer the option, at both the top and bottom of the page, to share the article as a whole on a range of social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email.

What’s more, this article also gives the viewer the option to share the individual photos with their provided information through means of a variety of social media platforms.

Another multimedia feature that I appreciate in this article is the hyperlinks within the location’s description. The hyperlinks allow the viewer to learn further on a particular event or tradition at the location. I think this feature is important because it encourages the viewer to continue their research on this location.

I would definitely recommend this article to anyone interested in travel and culture. It is a very interactive and informative article that I think was very well done. The photography featured in this article is particularly impressive. Some of my favorite photographs featured in this article are number 22, Great Barrier Reef, Australia and number 27, Gabon.


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