Newstrack Post 9

Black Lives Matter Black Friday

#BlackTwitter After #Ferguson

I really enjoyed this video made by Brent McDonald and John Woo. This video is successful in putting the viewer in the place of an African American during the Black Lives Matter Movement. The video accomplishes this through a number of multimedia effects.

Firstly, by displaying the tweets on top of the tweeters, meanwhile they read them aloud; the viewer feels their passion for the subject. When some of the tweeters are reading their tweets, they explain how they felt at the time of the crisis. They explain what this tweet accomplished for them, and how they felt they were contributing to something bigger than themselves.

This video was really impactful because it went through each situation where a black life was taken. It showed the actual video of the tragedy, and overlaying the video, was an audio of an African American Tweeter who had heard about the death and their perspective. One woman says “It was just another black boy dead, no one is going to care.”

I like how this video shows how powerful Twitter is as a social network. It emphasizes that Twitter was the saving grace to people participating in the Black Lives Matter Movement.

One of my favorite parts about this video, was that when each tragic video was played, not only was a voice over of someone’s reaction played over the video, but also the hashtags that were used at the time to spread the message popped up on the screen. This told the viewer that people vocalizing their concerns via Twitter made this movement possible.


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