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Police On Video: When the Camera Turns

This video by NY Times did not use a plethora of a multimedia effects, however it was extremely effective in getting its message across. Personally, I had chills the whole time watching the video. The video contains multiple clips of white officers treating black citizens really unjustly. It is effective in building anticipation in the viewer because before each clip is played, there is darkness with a date and location, and no sound. Next the image of the clip emerges from the darkness and the viewer is instantly thrown into a really dramatic situation.

Throughout this video, there is not dramatic sound track, just the audio of the video. The audio, within the clips, is usually of people panicking, yelling and trying to get away. I think this video is successful because of its simplicity. The contents of the video clips speak for themselves and there is no need for lengthy descriptions.

Many of the clips within this video aren’t the best quality. The camera is shaky, maybe not too clear; you can hear people frantically moving. In another video, this type of messy quality would not be ideal at all. However, for this video, the frazzled filming style actually works. Spectators who happened to see the situation and take their camera out in time to get a video filmed these clips. The franticness and panic of the person filming actually contributes to the video, because it speaks to the severity of the situation.

I think that it would have been nice if this video ended with a statistic or a chart. Because this video covers a number of African American people killed by police, it would’ve been helpful to have a statistic at the end showing how many African American people are killed by police on average and maybe link to a website that specializes in the topic.


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