Newstrack Post 7


What A Child Actually Sees on Vacation

Although this video seems simple, it still is successful in making an impact on the viewer. This video does not rely on cramming itself with a ton of different multimedia elements, but rather it sticks to a basic 360 video in different locations around the world.

I think that the simplicity of this video is successful because it shows the similarity of all these very different locations. In this video, there is family visiting China, a family skiing in the mountains of Canada, & a family in a San Francisco art museum. In all of these locations there are different activities, customs and traditions, yet the viewer only grasps one thing, the child’s point of view on vacation.

In each clip, the viewer sees a child interacting with their family on vacation. The child is usually learning something new, not something miraculous but a lesson that probably everyone has learned. For example not to lick a cold pole because your tongue will get stuck to it, & that by looking in a broken mirror you can see multiple reflections.

Because of this video’s simplicity, it is able to accomplish something NY Times aims for, the feeling of togetherness. By showing a child’s perspective in all different locations, it makes the viewer think that it doesn’t matter where you are, we are all learning the same lessons & exploring life the same.

This video doesn’t have incredible multimedia effects, simply 360 video, and text with a location and name, & the same audio covering the entire track. I think that if the video had charts, and photographs and interviews, it would take away from the simplicity of the piece, and likely distract from its message.


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