Newstrack Post 6


Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent

I think that this article was really effective in communicating its message. There isn’t any text to this article, other than the label on each picture telling the city, and the words written on protesters signs.

The article flows easily from one photo to the next, each displaying a crowd or an individual protesting for women’s rights. This article doesn’t have any dramatic transitions, much like other photomontages have. I think that by having no transitions, it actually emphasizes the article’s message more. From my point of view, the article is trying to get out the message that people around the world care deeply about women’s rights, alike.

Each picture possesses similar crowds of diverse people. The only things that change are the buildings and landscapes because of the different location.

One multimedia element that I thought was cute and a nice addition is the little globe that follows the viewer from photo to photo. As the viewer looks through the slide show, the globe turns and pin points the location of the photo.

This article does have the ability to share via social media. There are icons at the top allowing the viewer to share the article via facebook, twitter, email and more. However, each individual photo cannot be shared and I think that could have been a nice option for viewers.


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