Newstrack Post 5


Democratizing the Sky: Drones in Visual Journalism

This article was highly visual and uses a couple multimedia effects that really add to the story. The article mainly consists of a slide show of photos taken from a drone. The photos are very high up, so they are effective in displaying landscapes that are going through drastic change and turmoil.

I like that each one of these photos has a lot of depth, rather than close up shots of people’s expression. I think that because all of these photos are taken from so high up, it shows where drones are allowed to be & it is comforting to know that they cannot go down to ground level.

I like that this article was more of a broad subject. It is a gallery with photos from all around the world. Each photo comes with a link to the article being read, however I do not think this is necessary at all. I think that it would have been much more logical for the writer to link to another article that relates to the photo.

Additionally, I like this article because it gives many ways to share via social media. Next to each photo in the article is an icon that allows the viewer to share it via facebook, twitter, pinterest, email & more.

Lastly, I think this photo slideshow could have really benefitted from some video. Many of these photos feature people working and doing things; it would have been a nice perspective to see a video of the people in action instead, in order to grasp the pace of the location.


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