Newstrack Post 2

Happy New Year 2016.

The Year 2016 In Pictures

I thought this article was impressive and inspiring. This article did not contain any charts or video, but it was still successful in showing human interaction and emotion throughout 2016.

This article was mainly text, and photographs but the way they were displayed made the article more dramatic. Instead of placing photographs with descriptive texts underneath, the article is set up so as the viewer scrolls down, they are in darkness until the next picture comes to light. This effect makes the photograph more impactful and builds anticipation in the viewer.

Additionally, there isn’t a ton a descriptive text in this article & I think it really works for the piece. In this article, the photograph is allowed to speak for itself, while the text is there solely to provide necessary information like the time, place and situation at hand.

I like how NY Times made it possible to share this article as a whole, or each picture individually. The writers accomplished this by putting a facebook & twitter icon below each photo, as well as at the end of the article.

Lastly, I like this article a lot because all of the photographs show people’s faces. There is so much to gather from looking at a person’s expression in a photo. I think that the photographers must have really hustled to get some of these shots, & they really pay off in this article.


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