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Photo credit to Tinker Ready

I just read this article on It is a devastating report on the chaos that is currently going on in the Philippines due to President Rodrigo Duterte’s aggressive antidrug campaign. Photographer & writer Daniel Berehulak cover this tragic story beautifully.

The multimedia used in the report of this story is commendable because it really speaks to the brutality of this situation. The way the report is presented adds to the dramatic effect of the story. For instance, the dark overlay on the photos, which gets progressively darker as it reaches the text. This effect illustrates the darkness and feelings of hopelessness that arise in the antidrug campaign in the Philippines.

This light to dark effect is also effective in representing the unpredictability of the Philippines. During this anti drug campaign, residents never know what they will see when they turn the street corner, or if they will even live to see tomorrow. By using this visual effect of darkening the screen and then slowly bringing it to light to reveal the next photograph builds the anticipation in the viewer, & makes them wonder what striking image they will see next.

What’s more, the photographs alone, shot by Daniel Berehulak, are extremely descriptive & impactful. His photographs of sobbing families at their father’s funeral, residents of the Philippines, lay dead in the street, from being shot by the police while riding their motorcycle’s. Images that show devastation and brutality are effective in provoking emotion in readers. Additionally, these images illustrate the casualness of murder in the Philippines and how it is affecting its people.

Another very influential piece of multimedia that helps to bring this article to life is the map shown, which lays out all of the locations, where bodies have been found in the Philippines. This map demonstrates how this antidrug crusade has spread all over the Philippines, and also where the most violent areas are.

I also appreciate the fact that this article shows images of the communities of these areas in the Philippines, all of which had big gravesites, for the countless family members that were lost in the turmoil due to Duterte’s antidrug campaign. These images let the reader know that death is an everyday thing for the residents of the Philippines.

Overall, I found this article to be very impressive and inspiring. I look forward to using some of these multimedia effects, in my own work.


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